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Work Package 05: Economical assessment of the different systems

The cost of both the fast reactor systems (investment cost, operational cost and all costs linked to the fuel cycle) and the ADS systems should be estimated and compared. Beyond the components cost, the objective of this project is to compare the heterogeneous options with FR in single stratum, FR dedicated burner in double stratum and ADS dedicated burner in double stratum solutions with respect to the cost of each solution per MA burned mass unit and per electricity produced. Uncertainties on the different costs will be included in the analysis.

Based on cost data made available within this project and previous FR and ADS projects, a cost estimate will be made based on the account system proposed by the GIF Economics Modelling Working Group. Where data are missing, estimates will be made according to the proposed scaling methodology. In the G4ECONS code, both reactor system and fuel cycle will be taken into account through separate code modules.

This Work Package will also draw up a preliminary business plan based on the outcome of the economic analysis. This business plan will mention the economic, impact, safety and environmental goals and a plan to reach these goals.