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Work Package 01: Analysis of existing studies and definition of reference scenario (KIT)

Building upon the knowledge acquired during EC-FP6 CA PATEROS, a reasonable and realistic estimate (mass and isotopic content) should be made for a TRU stream intended for transmutation per year. This estimate can be based on grouping the production of some European countries for which this data is available. As mentioned in the scope of the project, it is not the intention to perform numerous scenario studies. Based upon the knowledge gained in the FP6 CA PATEROS, the scenarios can be selected and analyzed. These scenarios should take into account the inter-linkage of the second stratum or dedicated fuels with the first stratum. The amount and composition of this minor actinide stream should be expressed in a quantity to be transmuted per year and should be realistic enough to allow for an accurate up- or down-scaling if necessary.

WP 1 schematics