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UPM: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is a Spanish leading institution in Research and Higher Education on technical matters, and particularly on Nuclear Engineering. UPM professors are currently members of several EURATOM Committees. UPM has extensive experience in the development, validation and applications of reactor physics codes for fuel management, design and operation support and safety analysis, and has participated in several international projects, namely PDS-XADS (FP5), the ADS European Roadmap elaborated in 1999-2001 and IP-Eurotrans and CA Pateros in the 6th Framework Programme.

José Maria Martinez-Val, Full Professor of Nuclear and Thermal Engineering, has published over 60 papers in international refereed journals and several books (printed both in Spain and the USA) and is the chairman of the International Conferences on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems. He has been president of the Spanish Nuclear Society, and has been Spain’s representative in the EURATOM Fission Consultative Committee (1996-2000) and CERN council (1996-2000). He is currently the chairman of EURATOM Scientific and Technical Committee.

Emilio Mínguez Torres, Full Professor of Nuclear Engineering, currently Vice-Rector of the UP Madrid, has published over 60 papers in International Papers and he is the University Delegate in ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network). He has also been an expert in CCE-Fission Programme Committee in the U.E.