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UNIMAN: The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The University of Manchester is one of the UK’s leading academic institutes. It has a turnover of greater than £500m per annum with a research budget of approximately £200m. It supports 25,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 on post-graduate studies. The total staff compliment is 10,000 and it ranks in the top 5 of UK universities on research income.

The Dalton Nuclear Institute was established in June 2005 to implement The University of Manchester's intention to be the UK's leading university in nuclear research and education and one of the principal international players in this field. The Institute provides the focal point for the University's nuclear research activities and interacts with external bodies nationally and internationally. The research agenda of the Institute covers the full spectrum required by the industry, spanning from reactor systems and fuel cycles technology through to clean-up and decommissioning. There are also links with the fusion community.

In support of the Institute the University is investing to strengthen the already strong nuclear capabilities. An example of this is the planned joint £20m investment with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to establish a substantial teaching and education facility in West Cumbria linked with access to the world class research facilities in that region. The Institute is also leading the way in revitalising nuclear education programmes and is coordinating a consortium of UK universities and research institutes in helping to address the UK's nuclear skills shortage.

The Dalton Nuclear Institute is also establishing itself as the UK’s leading academic organisation to provide authorative and independent input to the UK’s energy policy requirements regarding nuclear technology.

Tim Abram, is the Westinghouse Professor of Nuclear Fuel Technology. Prior to joining the University in 2008 he worked for over 21 years in the nuclear industry, including nuclear fuel design and performance modelling at BNFL Springfields and Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, USA, and reactor systems analysis at the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory, where he retains the role of visiting Senior Fellow for Fuels and Reactor Systems. He has participated in many 5th and 6th Framework P&T projects, including the CONFIRM and FUTURE ADS fuels projects, and the AFTRA fuels domain within IP-EUROTRANS.