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In order to promote and ensure the transport of radioactive material, BELGONUCLEAIRE founded Transnubel in 1969. TRANSNUBEL is subdivided into 4 departments :

    • The Transport department, which organizes, performs and monitors the shipments.
    • The department for Studies and Supply, in charge of calculations, studies and manufacturing.
    • The Technical Services department, in charge of operational aspects at nuclear sites.
    • Safety, environment and quality assurance management

TRANSNUBEL is certified for: quality assurance management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and safety management (VCA). TRANSNUBEL’s experts keep in regular contact with National and International competent authorities in the nuclear transport field, with International Organizations (IAEA, IMO,…) and with the European Commission. Main customers are: EBL, Synatom, Belgonucleaire, SCK-CEN, Belgoprocess, Niras/Ondraf, FBFC, IRMM, Cogema, BNFL, AEA, EPZ, PSI, NCS, GNS, Westinghouse, ENUSA, KKL, Intercontrol, TRANSNUCLEAIRE GROUP (France, USA, Japan), IAEA, European Commission, …

Xavier Bairiot, is the General Manager of TRANSNUBEL nv. He has a degree as an industrial engineer and joined the company in January 1989. He has 20 years expertise in nuclear transports.

Geert Devijver, is the Transport Manager of TRANSNUBEL nv. He joined TRANSNUBEL in January 2001 and has expertise in transport since more than 20 years (8 years of nuclear transports).