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NRG: The Nuclear Research and consultancy Group, Netherlands

The Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG) was established as a Partnership Firm in 1998 through the merger of ECN's (70% share) and KEMA's (30% share) business activities in the nuclear fields. In a later stage, TNO-CSD (national person dosimetry center) was taken-over by the Group. The successive mergers have created a Center of Excellence for the nuclear technology, integrating all relevant disciplines. NRG offices and nuclear facilities are located in the Netherlands, in Petten and Arnhem.

The mission of NRG is to enable sustainable applications of nuclear technology for energy, health and environment. For these purposes, NRG provides a complete set of services and products for various sectors of industry as well as governmental bodies with a dedicated staff of more than 350. NRG is also a service provider also for non-nuclear businesses like the chemical, oil and gas industry and the medical sectors. Furthermore, NRG is the main producer of radionuclides for the medical sectors in Europe.

NRG has a complete set of nuclear facilities including a 45 MW research reactor (the HFR), hot-cell labs (HCL), laboratories for research and analyses, decontamination facilities and the radio-isotope production facilities.

The major research programme of NRG focuses on the 4th generation nuclear systems. Within the 4th generation nuclear systems, NRG puts focus on three reactor systems:
•    the existing Light Water Reactors and their 4th generation successor the Supercritical Water Reactor (SCWR).
•    the High Temperature Reactor (HTR) and its 4th generation successor the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR).
•    fast reactor systems with focus on the Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor (SFR).

Research activities for other systems are also employed at NRG if these activities have a cross-cutting character. These subjects are in line with the vision of the EU presented in the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNE-TP) Vision Report. Furthermore, NRG is involved in many European projects, both as coordinator and as participant. Scenario studies and road mapping have been started since 2003 to assist directions of the NRG research programme, and applied for the American GNEP project. Aliki van Heek , PhD on design modification for cost reduction of HTR-Module. Initiation and management of HTR research programme at NRG (ECN until 1998), comprising core physics, fuel chemistry, thermal hydraulic, systems, licensing, economics and market studies. From 1996 management of ACACIA small scale HTR cogeneration plant development project, including market en cost aspects. Initiation and implementation of support for South African PBMR project, later on supplemented by contract work. Subproject leader within FP6 Integrated Project RAPHAEL. Since 2002: NRG Programme Co-ordination of Fourth Generation Nuclear Energy Systems. Since 2003: initiation and implementation of market penetration, scenario study and economics activity within this programme.