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ITU: Institute for Transuranium Elements, Germany

The Joint Research Center (JRC) is a Directorate General of the European Commission, whose mission is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the implementation of EU policies. One Institute of the JRC will be participating in this Concerted Action, namely the Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) in Karlsruhe. ITU has a broad its experience in the nuclear fuel cycle studies and experimental work. In particular, ITU participates in a number of projects linked to the development of advanced fuel partitioning methods, both aqueous and pyro-metallurgical, as well as to the research on the fabrication of innovative fuels for the transmutation of minor actinides. ITU operates the new Minor Actinides fabrication Laboratory.

Joe Somers, is head of the Nuclear Fuels Unit. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and has been actively involved in fuel fabrication and irradiation programmes for the past 15 years. Current main interests include U and Th MOX fuel for LWR applications as well as the development of minor actinide bearing fuels for fast reactors and accelerator driven systems.