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ARCAS: ADS and fast Reactor CompArison Study


The objective of the ARCAS project is to assess the cost associated to implementing either ADS’s or dedicated Fast Reactors as minor actinide burning facilities. This economic impact will drive the decision of the policy makers in choosing between these two options.

Work packages

The ARCAS project is part of Euratom's 7th Framework Programme. The project is broken down in 5 work packages:

  • WP1: Establishing a representative Minor Actinide stream. Representative for Europe and scalable
  • WP2: Definition of the reference Fast Reactor System
  • WP3: Definition of the reference Accelerator Driven System
  • WP4: Definition of the fuel reprocessing and advanced fuel fabrication facilities
  • WP5: Cost assessment


Economic impact of ADS’s or dedicated Fast Reactors

The economic impact of both options, ADS’s or dedicated Fast Reactors as minor actinide burning facilities, should be evaluated for both investment cost as well as operational cost but not the needed R&D cost. The project will consider technological maturity (as for example using the NASA Technological Readiness Level) and how this can be incorporated in the economic analysis.

Project start date: October 1, 2010 - Duration: 30 Months